Borderland Immigration Council: seeking asylum is not illegal

El Paso News

In response to President Trump’s order of 5,200 active duty troops to the border, local immigration advocates and attorneys spoke out against further militarization of the border.

The Borderland Immigration Council said the public is misinformed about the refugees seeking asylum.

Ruben Garcia from the Annunciation House said the recent attention is what has the public paying attention to the incoming immigrant surge, but says this is nothing new.

“I want people to understand there is nothing new, what is new is this incredible tearing down of the refugee, that’s the part that we are trying to make them into something evil and they’re not,” Garcia said.

As we reported, more than 100 refugees were dropped off in downtown El Paso last weekend. Garcia said the refugees were left with nowhere to go and without telling the Borderland Immigration Council beforehand.

Organizations like the Annunciation House reached out to immigration officials to solve the issue.

“Immigration speaking with me and saying, look if you are able to find a place for them we wont drop them off on the street and since that Friday, beginning the very next day, Saturday that has been done,” Garcia said.

Garcia said they see nearly 350 migrant refugees come into the Annunciation House daily. The center has been using 15 different hospitality sites to accommodate them all.

The Border Network for Human Rights believes active duty troops at the border may not be the best option to deal with civilians such as children and say they will be watching the troops closely.

“What the president is saying about the immigrants, that they are criminals in this caravan, invading us, that this is a full scale invasion, is a lie, it is not true or reflected in the members or reality,” said Fernando Garcia from the Border Network for Human Rights.

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