Borderland fans react to US Women’s World Cup win

El Paso News

The U.S. Women’s soccer team bringing home the gold yet again after winning the World Cup final in France Sunday morning, defeating the Netherlands 2-0 and Borderland fans made sure to watch.

El Pasoans gathered bright and early Sunday morning at West El Paso bar Brass Monkey, filling up the entire bar and patio area geared up with USA attire.

When the U.S. team clinched its second consecutive World Cup title the crowd broke out in chants of USA! USA!

Some were quick to draw conclusions between the men and women’s soccer teams saying the victory inspired women all around.

“It’s so uplifting, we have daughters and just to have that kind of influence and see what as a female you can accomplish in a male-dominated sport let’s just be honest, money funnels to the men’s side and the women don’t get as much,” Mandi Douglass, of the American Outlas El Paso Chapter, said.

The U.S. Men’s team has had nowhere near the success of the women’s team on the world stage. Their best showing was a semi-final appearance back in the inaugural Men’s World Cup in 1930.

“That’s great for women’s sports usually they don’t get as many fans as the men so to have that many people show up and support the women was phenomenal,” Haley Cooper of the American Outlaws El Paso Chapter, said.

The U.S. Men’s team also played a major match Sunday, facing bitter rival Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final.

The American Outlaws El Paso Chapter, a U.S. soccer fan club for both men’s and women’s national teams, hosted a second watch party Sunday evening at Brass Monkey for the Men’s turn on the field.

“I love that both fan bases can come together and watch a match and it can be cordial and fun,” Cooper said.

After showing two major matches on the same day just hours apart, the bar manager, David Morales, said the fans kept bringing in the business.

“With the women’s World Cup in the morning, we had to double up on staff just to be able to cater to everyone and provide good service we knew it was going to be jam-packed in the morning we did not expect it to be this packed at night,” Morales said.

Fans from both teams showed up to represent, an especially competitive rivalry in El Paso.

“It just brings out people in the sporting environment where it’s two teams that are rivals especially with us being a border city you get that rivalry but it’s all in good fun,” Morales said.

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