Borderland drivers looking out for gas price differences

El Paso News
From one gas station to the next, prices can jump on you without noticing right away. However, some drivers told KTSM they keep an eye out for the better bargain.
“A lot of people run on empty almost so that’s why they might choose the more expensive one but we try to be more conscious of the cheaper prices,” driver Violet Sosa shared.
Some drivers like Sosa notice lower prices at the gas pumps, but also look out for price differences from gas stations that are nearby one another.
“Especially when you’re budgeting, you want to get the best prices for your budget, and if it’s down the street it’s common sense to come to this one instead of that one,” Sosa said.
Many drivers told KTSM they usually choose the nearest gas station to them, but sometimes it can be up to 30 cents more expensive than one that’s across the street.
“The rates around here, some gas stations depending on where you stop, could be 30 cents difference. I have a 30 gallon truck, so 30 times 3 you save yourself close to 10 dollars if you pay attention,” Alejandro Salas explained.
While trying to save, there are ways to look ahead of your commute and save on some cash by searching online or through an app. 
“You can google it now, and sometimes you can get advice on where to go for cheaper gas,” Salas shared.
You can check out gas prices here.

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