Border journalist responds to President Trump’s address

El Paso News
After President Trump’s address on Border Security, one local journalist made note of not just what the President requested, but how he did so.
“It was really interesting to hear the President talk about the wall at the end of a long list of things he’s asking for. Things that a lot of people, maybe even the democrats would agree would help with border security. But he put the wall at the end, ‘finally, we need a wall.’ Or as he put he “steel slabs” or a “steel barrier.” So there seems to be some nuancing in what he’s asking for now,” Angela Kocherga with the Albuquerque Journal told KTSM.
Kocherga has covered both sides of the border for years. She said in her experience most of the migrants, the majority from Central America, turn themselves in to seek asylum. So a wall won’t do much.
“Once people cross they’re looking for the first Border Patrol agent they could find, and they’re not even at the fence yet. So the wall won’t necessarily resolve that issue. So infrastructure is very important.  We’re already seeing that fence now being called a wall, been upgraded in Santa Teresa, our Southern New Mexico stretch of border, but also in El Paso,” Kocherga shared.
She also pointed out something KTSM has heard from Border Patrol agents themselves; they are overwhelmed.
“If we can have more immigration judges, more case workers, more ability to deal with the actual legal asylum cases, that might help ease some of this surge in people trying to come and ask for asylum,” Kocherga said.
Kocherga hopes the President can not only speak with Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and CBP, but also people who live and work in border communities.

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