El Paso, TX (KTSM)— Families who are divided by the border tell KTSM they are growing concerned with the spread of COVID-19 after restrictions were put in place two weeks ago at border crossings for essential travel only.

“It’s all too common, we have a lot of families who have been separated by our immigration laws, where you have family members who have been deported and are living on the Mexican side,” said Immigration Lawyer Iliana Holguin.

She explained tough situations are being made worse.

“It’s hard enough being separated from your family members like that during normal times and it’s even more difficult when we’re talking about the situation that we’re in right now,” Holguin said.

Patricia Miramontes told KTSM it’s affecting her now.

Two years ago Miramontes husband was deported, now she lives in El Paso while her husband and daughter live in Juárez.

“I go to Juarez every weekend, I don’t ever miss,” said Miramontes.

She explained she’s lucky she is an essential worker in El Paso and can cross the Border to see her family, however she explained she’s worried more restrictions will be put in place with rising cases of COVID-19 in the Borderland.

“Its always in the back of your head, are they going to close, what’s going to happen if they close, especially me because my baby is over there, what am I going to do without her in who knows how long it can last,” Miramontes explained.

She told KTSM, she on constant alert.

“I’m very concerned… I call the port of entry every time I go and every time that I come back,” said Miramontes.

She also has two children who are with her Mother in Wyoming at the moment, and she is unable to bring them to El Paso due to the 100mi restriction.