Van Horn, Texas (KTSM) – Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos has called his trip to space this morning a “perfect” mission that he shared with three other crew members this morning.

The crew of four was weightless for about four minutes before safely landing back in Van Horn.

From the moment they entered the edge of space, about 62 miles above the ground, the crew started floating around.

Jeff Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos throwing around orange ping pongs. At one point Aerospace Pioneer Mary “Wally” Funk hugging Bezos in mid air. The crew even started throwing skittles at each other to see who could catch one with their mouth. Dutch teenager Oliver Daemon was the first to catch one.

After landing, Bezos thanked many from the engineers who helped build the spaceship to the town of van horn where the site sits.

“I also want to thank the town of Van Horn. This is a small and amazing little town. we are making a dent in it and we appreciate you allowing us to be part of your town,” said Jeff Bezos.

The crew also took some significant artifacts with them to space including Amelia Earhart’s goggles that she flew across the Atlantic with. They also took a piece of the Wright Brother’s plane and and a piece of the first hot air balloon that ever lifted off the ground.

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