Big Brothers Big Sisters is helping youth and our law enforcement in El Paso understand one another through “Bigs in Blue”.

It’s a program where police officers in the community volunteer their time and mentor kids who are on a waiting list for their “big.”

“As law enforcement, usually the experience we have with the youth and juveniles, it’s not a very positive experience for both of us,” Police Officer Aileen Mendoza tells KTSM, “So it’s nice to have that opportunity to engage with the community, and with the youth in a positive way. Be more of a friend and mentor.”

Mendoza is one of those mentors, and a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

As part of the “Bigs in Blue” program, she spends time with her little, invested in the future and giving back to her community. 

“To be a good contributor of society because that’s really what we need. It also makes law enforcement’s jobs easier, when we have citizens that are giving back to the community and just giving back to the community in whole,” Mendoza shared.

Her little, Destiny Pedraza Reza, sees Mendoza more than her big but also as a life long friend. 

“I see us in a year, as a life time friend and we have a stronger relationship,” Pedraza Reza said.

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and becoming a mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters website to apply is listed below: