Horizon Police Department is warning the community to watch out for “Porch Pirates,” or people who wander neighborhoods looking to steal packages when nobody is home. 

With online shopping becoming more convenient during the holidays, scammers have more opportunities to snatch your gifts, according to Horizon PD.  

The Horizon Police Department suggests you make arrangements when expecting a delivery, “We’re hoping that they pass the communication to either a neighbor or someone who can pick up their package and that way they avoid any loses,” said Lieutenant Jesus Ortega.

Some residents in the area, like Ashley Woolsey, try to avoid the problem entirely. “I just avoid it all together and order it site-to-store,” said Woolsey. 
Horizon Police Department said the scammers are trying to fool you in more ways than one, which is why they are offering the following tips.
“This season you have a lot of people that try to portray that they’re from a charity, be asking for money and obviously they’re not from any charity. They’re just trying to do some type of scam to the citizens. Also, when you’re out shopping they try to see what you have in the back of your seat and try to vulgarize your vehicle,” said Ortega.