Beto supporters gather together for Democratic Debate watch party

El Paso News

Beto O’Rourke supporters gathered around Thursday evening at Ode Brewery in West El Paso, and they kept their eyes and ears focused on the Third Democratic Debate.

The supporters of O’Rourke told KTSM they’re happy with what each candidate brought to the table.

“I’m really happy about what all of them are bringing to the table for the most part I mean we’re trying to bring the country back unify everybody and I think everybody is on that same page… I think Beto is really doing a strong campaign trying to unite everybody together including everybody,” said Lindsay Alvarado.

As gun reform was brought up during the debate, the El Paso Walmart shooting became a topic with some hopefuls, which gained reaction from those at Ode Brewery.

“When I hear the candidates talking about real gun solution including Beto… and I love that they’re all giving him credit because he’s been a champion. He’s been all over the place saying… real actual tangible solutions that we feel… El Paso knows, those will make us all proud and will solve the rise of white supremacy,” said Javier Aaron Paz.

The debate even bringing out new voters in support of O’Rourke.

“This is my first time voting as an American citizen I’m from Spain and I became an American in March and it will be my privilege to vote for him,” Matilda Olson told KTSM.

Although the energy for Beto was strong in his home town, many left with a feeling of gratitude for all the Democrats on stage.

 “They’re showing positive images in the united and they’re working together… it makes me so proud as a Democrat when I hear the Democrats be positive,” said Paz.

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