Beto O’Rourkes campaign launch debt still unpaid one week before deadline

El Paso News
The City of El Paso is owed thousands of dollars for the campaign launch of presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke and now the deadline to pay is approaching soon. 
It’s been almost two months since O’Rourke’s campaign launch in the streets of Downtown El Paso on March 30th. O’Rourkes debt to the City of El Paso remains unpaid, according to city records.
“Both of these events already happened so the folks have already been paid,” Laura Cruz-Acosta with the City of El Paso said, “The folks that worked that day because they obviously have to get paid since they are city employees so they go through that. Now we have to get reimbursed, we the city.”
City invoices show O’Rourke’s campaign paid $7,609.14 upfront for an event permit. The event required 90 police officers who according to city records, worked a total of 675.5 hours of overtime. That amounts to a bill for $21,021.36 which has yet to be paid. 
“They have to come and pay the bill. There is a fee assessed if they don’t pay it by a certain amount but that’s regulated by the state. So we will make emails and phone calls to remind them,” Cruz-Acosta explained.
KTSM reached out to O’Rourke’s campaign for comment but have yet to hear back. The City said if the campaign does not pay up before its May 24th deadline, additional fees will be added, “It’s really waiting to see when they will be able to pay us on their end and so we go back and forth in terms of communication.”

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