Beall Elementary School faces proposed closure by EPISD

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EPISD’s final meeting on Tuesday night went over the possible schools that are up for closure like Beall Elementary School. Parents on the other hand are fighting to keep the school standing.
“Right now we need to convince the majority of our community that maintaining Beall, is of the upmost importance of this process and that it is an issue of us maintaining a stable community and being able to deal with the educational needs of our community and the best interest of our children,” Parent Hilda Villegas told KTSM.
EPISD hosted a special meeting reminding those at Beall the benefits of consolidating campuses with Douglass Elementary, and redirecting funds elsewhere.
“We’re able to redirect that funding and those resources to the classroom, to our teachers, and therefore to our students to improve the quality of our education, provide more programming, provide more technology and not be spending the money on half empty buildings which is what we’re currently doing,” EPISD spokesperson Melissa Martinez shared. 
However, teachers at Beall worry over losing the hard work their students have done by switching campuses.
“My biggest concern is our kids and what they’re feeling. Right now they’re feeling very nervous, scared, about the movement. You know it’s getting so close to S.T.A.A.R., I’m afraid my kids are going to be affected and that their scores are going to go down,” Teacher Vivian Flores told KTSM, “I’m hoping that they do listen. That these people really do listen. But deep down in my heart, I already know that they have a decision made.”
There EPISD school board will vote on the proposed closures by the 22nd. The schools that do proceed for closure will be done by the end of the school year. There are a total of 14 proposed schools up for closure within the next few years.

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