Battle over Downtown Arena could be headed to Texas State Supreme Court

El Paso News

The ongoing battle over El Paso’s Downtown arena could be headed to the Texas State Supreme Court. That’s if local opponents have their way.

Local preservationist Max Grossman is asking the State’s high court to reverse a November decision from the Texas Court of Appeals which allowed the City to build the arena to house sports. Grossman has long maintained the wording voters approved as part of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond didn’t include anything about sports.

“We feel that the (Texas) Supreme Court will likely take the case and we’re hoping that they will go back to Judge Mitchum’s decision and deny the City the possibility of building this structure for sports, of expending public money for sports purposes or even private money to fund the project for sports purposes,” Grossman said. 

El Paso’s City Attorney said it will likely be months before the Texas Supreme court decides whether it will take up Grossman’s appeal.

The City says it’s already paid about $1.3 million in legal fees tied to the arena. They maintain that the longer this plays out in court the less money will be available to fund the project. 

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