Bariatric surgery changes life for El Paso woman

El Paso News

The benefits of losing weight for Stacie Howell are tremendous.

The El Paso woman has lost 109 pounds after being morbidly obese for 20 to 25 years.

“I no longer have to get shots in my back, inflammation in my body has gone away, sleep apnea has gone away,” Howell said. “My cholesterol has gone down into a very healthy point. I’m no longer pre diabetic.”

Howell is one of many El Pasoans who got a new lifestyle thanks, in part, to Bariatric surgery. Howell had the procedure done in 2017 at Las Palmas Del Sol Bariatric Clinic.

“It’s performing the surgery via small incision,” said Dr. Michael Lara, who specializes in the surgery. 

The surgery involves removing some of the stomach and is minimally invasive. 

“If the patient follows (medical advice), there’s no long term side effects or complications,” Lara said.

Howell said bariatric surgery is anything but an easy way out, but instead a tool, and a start to healthy living.

“It is life-changing but you have to make sure you’re willing to stick to it and the changes that comes along with it,” Howell said.

For more information on bariatric surgery visit Las Palmas Del Sol Bariatric Clinic.

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