Bar owners say Airway could be the next entertainment district

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – District Pub and Kitchen is opening their second location off airway on Thursday. Their original location is in Central El Paso, but the owners said Airway is a prime location for bars.

“I always thought this area had a lot of potential, and you know they’re redoing the city, the streets, and there’s a lot of businesses that are coming in, a lot of hotels that are opening up in this area right by the airport,” said Nick Acosta, Owner of District Pub and Kitchen.

City Representative Cassandra Hernandez said there’s more for passerby’s to enjoy on Airway than ever before.

“Airway has always been a bustling roadway for our City, but now it’s not only the arterial to our also flourishing International Airport. It’s a destination spot for retail, restaurants, and work,” said District 3 Rep. Cassandra Hernandez.

A bar located in the same shopping center as the new District Pub and Kitchen called Bad Habit has only been open for few months, but bartenders said the area is always busy.

“We get people from the airport, we got military guys coming in. Then you have — you know the regulars, people who actually live around the area and frequent it,” said Hope Rigli a Bartender at Bad Habit. “They actually just bar hop through out the area.”

Acosta said he was hesitant at first to open a bar in a shopping center. However, he said it has become a trend and allows customers to bar hop. Although, that also causes some competition.

“We’re all focused kind on the same thing. I understand that my cliental isn’t just going to stay here they are going to go and check out the other bars and that’s fine. I think that were all here to help each other but you know there is still that competition factor,” said Acosta.

The District Pub and Kitchen opened it’s doors at 10 a.m. on Thursday (Dec. 26).

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