An update on a story we’ve been following for months. El Paso’s Arena drama and how the city gets to spend your voter approved funds.

A formal, final judgment on the case was expected Tuesday in Austin, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait a few more days.

As NewsChannel9 has reported, Judge Amy Clark Meachum issued a preliminary ruling last month saying the city was clear to build it’s multi–purpose facility in Union Plaza. However, Meachum ruled it could not be built as a sports arena.

That has since led to confusion, and that’s what we were hoping the judge would clear up Tuesday. The city says just because the facility can’t be built for sports, doesn’t mean it can’t host sporting events.

The city’s opponents though argue the facility needs to a performance art venue, more like a theater like the Abraham Chavez or the Plaza Theatre.

According to arguments in court, it’s looking like the facility will not be built with a basketball court, it will not have locker rooms with showers, and it will not have a scoreboard — things typically associated with a sports arena.

The judge is expected to issue her final ruling in the next few days, possibly by Friday.

Meanwhile, back here in El Paso, both parties have agreed to give a 2-weeks notice before going forward with the demolition.