Children at the armed services YMCA now have a newer and safer playground
and that’s all thanks to the El Paso and Fort Bliss communities. 

Playtime will be a lot safer at the Armed Services YMCA, HB construction and several other businesses that donated to get the new play area built were recognized today.

Joe Pritchard the executive director of ASYMCA tells KTSM he’s happy so many businesses came together to get the job done for the ‘All American City’ of El Paso.

“It’s a community project so this community project here is one that supports the city of El Paso and Fort Bliss so us as the ASYMCA were able to bridge both communities as one, and it was so great to have NB construction here to help update this playground that was 24 years old,”said Pritchard.

As this replaces the old playground, it helps eliminate the previous safety concerns that once were there. One of the very first employees of the ASYMCA attended the event to show her love and support for the upgrade.

“This is different because now they don’t have sand in the playground and they don’t have to worry about getting sand in their eyes and in their hair and all because they would get it in their hair and it would be hard to get out and now they can play on the ground they can crawl around they can roll around and they don’t have to worry about that,” said Cora Deal.

It’s not just the playground offered to the community, the ASYMCA  will also give occasional free meals here to families around the area.