Archaeological digs in Duranguito neighborhood set to begin

El Paso News

The City of El Paso is now clear to begin archeological digs within the footprint of the controversial Multi-Purpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center in the Downtown neighborhood known as Duranguito.

On Tuesday, city council received an update on the status of a permit for an archeological study to find and preserve anything of historical value. 

The study involves four phases:

  • Archival and historical research, which is complete.
  • Ground penetrating radar.
  • A mechanical survey.
  • An investigations stage if anything significant is found.

The city is now ready to begin the ground penetrating radar stage.

In a statement, City Capital Improvement Department Director Sam Rodriguez said: “This is an important milestone in the project because of its potential to shed new light into our community’s rich cultural history.”

He added: “Any artifacts and substructures found will be excavated, cleaned, restored, modeled electronically in 3D and made available to researchers or interested parties at the local museums.”

Moore archeology consulting, which has done more than 700 of these types of studies has been contracted by the city to complete the process.

The next phase in the project is expected to start within the next few weeks.

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