April showers bring May flowers, and weeds, lots of weeds.

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April showers bring May flowers, along with weeds … lots of weeds.

The City of El Paso wants to remind everyone that weeds can be no higher than 12 inches. If they are the city could issue you a brush notice, giving you seven days to clean up your property. 

Also, City Code Enforcement Officials say property owners are responsible for the area surrounding their property as well. Including parkways, alleys, and sidewalks. Grass, weeds or other unkempt plants cannot exceed the 12 inches. This is not only to keep the city clean but also to help with allergies and fire hazards. 

“The city would look pretty bad if there weren’t those ordinances in place, so they’re not going to just let it get out of hand,” said Andre Casillas a Senior Code Compliance Officer.  

However, it’s not just weeds that are an issue it is also a code violation if you have indoor furniture or appliances stored outside. Uncovered junked vehicles or junked vehicle parts are also not allowed to be stored in a residential area. 

Other common code violations include holding a yard sale more than 3 times a year or a yard sale for more than two days at a time. 

“Appliances, furniture or tires or things like that that don’t belong outside so we educate them on that, those are things that need to be stored inside,” said Casillas. 

If you are in violation of any of these ordinances the city will issue a notice on your door. 

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