EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – This month is Testicular Cancer Awareness month. A type of cancer not often discussed enough. Healthcare experts, however, say it’s important for men of all ages to be aware of their health.

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects the testicles in young men who are in their teens and twenties.

This type of cancer has little to no symptoms. The best way to detect this condition is through self-examination. Some common signs are the presence of lumps or bumps in the testicles.

Dr. Michael Sebesta, who is a urologist from the Providence Urology Associates, says many young men do not quickly attempt to get into the doctor’s office to be seen.

“So the delay from the time that the young man diagnosis cancer on themselves, by feeling a lump, bump or nodules until he’s seen, is typically six to nine months. Unfortunately, that time frame can progress. So earlier detection and earlier evaluation treatment are better.”

When a person is diagnosed with testicular cancer, the testicle affected will have to be removed. While it does not typically affect much, it may affect infertility or testosterone levels. Generally, most people who have been diagnosed and treated can retain fertility, have normal testosterone levels, and live a fully normal life.

For more information on testicular cancer, you can click here.

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