April flowers can bring… Bee swarms. What to know about El Paso’s peak bee season

El Paso News

It’s Springtime so along with those spring flowers comes bees.

Everything is blooming, bring with it an abundance of pollen and nectar. Meaning for the next 45 to 60 days you will be seeing a lot of bees and a lot of bee swarms.

However, don’t let them scare you this year.

Mike Rushton with Bye Bees, a bee removal, an El Paso beekeeper who told KTSM that there is no need to be afraid of bees. If you come across a bee he says the best thing you can do is leave it alone, go inside and get away.

Don’t swat or try to kill the bee because that will only alert the other bees and they will become more aggressive. He also said avoiding injuring bees is crucial right now because they are on a decline. 

“Primarily bees are suffering from a condition worldwide called colony collapse,” Rushton said. Colony collapse happens as a result of pesticide overuse and loss of habitat and land just due to there being more people.

However many people are frightened by bees, fearing they will be stung. Rushton said most bees are friendly only wanting to collect pollen and make honey, he says if you don’t mess with them they won’t mess with you.

“If you see a bee just leave it alone, go inside get away from it, don’t swat at it, don’t try to kill it. When you kill a bee or when a bee stings it releases a pheromone which alerts all the other bees that ‘hey there’s danger’ and then they tend to become more aggressive, even nice bees,” said Rushton.

He advises never to try and take care of your bee problem on your own, store bought sprays won’t kill all the bees, instead, it will only make them angry and more aggressive. 

Rushton tells KTSM that if you feel that the bees are a real threat to you or your family that you should call a bee removal service and have them relocated. 

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