Allergy season picks up in the Borderland

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With expected high winds and gusts, comes a crucial time to keep an eye out and take care of yourself; especially if you get bad allergies.
“Most of the time what brings the patient to my office is the level of their symptoms. It’s their discomfort really, they typically respond to their level of discomfort,” Allergy/Immunology Specialist Dr. Luis Gonzalez told KTSM.
It’s allergy season in the Borderland and local doctors are giving a fair warning to think ahead before suffering the consequences.
“People tend to develop high tolerance to their symptoms initially,” Dr. Gonzalez said, “They tend to learn to live with it for a while until the allergies become so uncomfortable that it motivates the patient first to start with remedies on their own.”
Many know common symptoms affect your nose, eyes, throat or skin. Dr. Gonzalez shared some of the ways to avoid symptoms are staying indoors, keeping your windows closed, but also keeping an eye on your furry ones, “Many times people are allergic to their pets but they are also allergic to the pollen the pets are carrying in their fur.”
As more remedies are being explored, Dr. Gonzalez said it’s better to be safe and practice self care, “As of this moment there is no cure for it. Basically it all depends on being compliant with the medications. That’s crucial.”
If you happen to get severe allergies, another option is looking into allergy immunotherapy. It does take multiple visits and some time. 
Allergy season is expected to last until the end of May, and kick back up during the fall. 

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