Aggies take flight with Spaceport America

El Paso News

The home of Spaceport America has been stretched to Las Cruces. This comes after the private space exploration company announced a big partnership with New Mexico State University.

As of Wednesday during a celebration ceremony, NMSU and Spaceport have officially signed a ten year agreement, collaborating to expand research, economic and educational development.

“This collaboration between a private company and a public university is really one of the steps that we can take to assure that this state will be in the forefront of space a long long time from now,” said President of NMSU John Floros.

The agreement promises to give students co-op and internship opportunities in fields such as aerospace and tourism.

“Opportunities across all disciplines for the students at NMSU, whether it’s business, education, and of course the engineering … there’s going to be quite a few programs, to help expand the commercial space economy in New Mexico,” Chris Lopez, Director of side operations with Spaceport told KTSM.

Both Spaceport and NMSU explaining in their ceremony, that New Mexico will be the place of future space experts.

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