EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Early voting is under way in El Paso and election day for the primaries is March 1.

The Democratic candidates on the ballot for County Commissioner Precinct 4 include incumbent Carl Robinson and his two democratic challengers Sergio Coronado the President of the Canutillo School Board and Dorothy “Sissy” Byrd.

There are also four Republicans running in the primaries for County Commissioner Precinct 4. The winner of both the Republican and Democratic primaries will run against each other for the seat come November.

Precinct 4 includes parts of Northeast, West El Paso and Canutillo.

Both Coronado and Byrd have ran for El Paso Political seats in the past. Coronado for County Judge in 2010 and 2006 but was not elected and Byrd for City Council District 4 back in 2020 but was not elected.

All of the candidates talking about the need for changes following the flooding El Paso saw back in 2021.

Coronado saying it’s going to be expensive.

“There’s an infrastructure bill that just passed, we need to tap into that. The other issue is we need to make sure the state tries to help us. And the other thing is we could probably try to see if we can explore putting an extra tax on the license plates that are renewed every year on the vehicles to try and get a fund,” said Coronado.

Byrd also talking about the need for improvements throughout the precinct and how she would find funding for them if elected.

“In November of last year 1.2 trillion dollars was designated for infrastructure a lot of people misunderstand infrastructure they think it only has to do with the roads. Well, it doesn’t, it could do with schools, it could do with across the roads, buildings so therefore we need to make sure we address those issues as far as applying for those grants,” said Byrd.

Incumbent Robinson says he has projects related to flooding in the works currently and he wants to see them come to fruition. Saying recently the county got trucks that can pump 800 gallons of water in one minute.

“We needed that kind of equipment in August, now the county has four on my insistence that we get the proper equipment for our workers,” said Robinson. “We have the equipment to pump the water but I’m working on getting funding so we can preclude the water from flooding all together.”

Both Byrd and Coronado bringing up their concerns saying Robinson has been absent from meetings.

“Our current commissioner has missed a lot of meetings, I am going to bring me to the meetings, and what I mean by that is that when we have the County Commissioners meetings, I will be there,” said Byrd.

“I don’t think he’s been engaged in the position, I think this position requires somebody who is going to be engaged in the position,” said Coronado.

Robinson saying that he has missed some meetings, telling KTSM 9 News for one he was ill.

“Yes, I’ve missed some meetings, yes I did. One I was ill, one particular day. But on particular meeting it was not a meeting it was an interview so if you want to count it as a meeting fine,” said Robinson. “Overall my attendance has been great, to say that I’m not present. Well the one particular meeting I missed there might have been two others that I missed but It was permissible to call in, so that’s not missing a meeting when you call into the meeting or you have meetings where we meet on zoom that’s permissible, so I’ve been on meetings where I’ve called in and when I’ve been on zoom. So to just say that I missed meetings, no,” said Robinson.

Look for KTSM’s coverage of the Republican candidates for County Commissioner Pct 4 next week.

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