Editor’s Note: Graphic details of the crime are included in this report.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — New details in the investigation of the death of prominent attorney Georgette Kaufmann show she was found in her garage and shot five times.

An El Paso County autopsy report concluded Kaufmann died from gunshot wounds that were fired at close range. Traces of soot found on a pale pink sweater Kaufmann was wearing support that conclusion, according to a local gun expert.

The report said she sustained the wounds in her home’s garage and “the manner of death is homicide.”

“How often would somebody let somebody get that close to them in their garage?” asked Richard Garcia, a local gun expert and safety instructor. “They’re either unaware that there’s a person, maybe you’re not necessarily concerned that the person is there. There’s kind of things where maybe the person knew them or pretended to be a neighbor.”

KTSM 9 News Investigates compiled new details from public documents after law enforcement would not comment on basic questions surrounding Georgette Kaufmann’s death. Details found in an autopsy report appear to reveal the suspect was near the attorney before shooting her to death.

Kaufmann’s husband, Daniel, and her family have not returned calls from KTSM.

Three months have passed and law enforcement has not announced an arrest or whether there are any suspects in the case. Silence on the murder has prompted many questions with few answers, prompting our look at the case.

Kaufmann, 50, was an assistant attorney general in the Child Support Division in El Paso for seven years, according to a family obituary.

The autopsy report appears to support that Kaufmann was the target but it is unclear why. And, with no further details about the case, it is hard to say whether it was an instance of, say, a robbery gone wrong or something more sinister.

“With most defensive stuff that happens, we see defensive wounds with people. And, we don’t see any defensive wounds necessarily,” Garcia said. “I don’t want to interpret it too much, but there are not good indications of an altercation, a fight, where somebody is fighting for their life.”

Kaufmann’s autopsy report shows she was shot twice in the chin, twice on the right side of her chest and once in the right side of her back. The county medical examiner’s office also reported a blunt injury on her right cheek.

Three bullets were found in her body during the examination. One entered her skull after striking her chin. Another was found after also striking her chin and a third in her right back.

Soot was found on Kaufmann’s sweater near a wound on the right side of her chest, but the medical examiner’s office could not identify which of the two shots it came from.

The murder happened on Nov. 14. Police were called to respond to a shooting on the 3000 block of Copper Avenue in Central El Paso. Daniel Kaufmann, Georgette’s husband, was across the street from their home receiving medical attention from gunshot wounds when police arrived, according to a report.

Police entered the Kaufmann’s home through the back, where the property abuts Memorial Park. They found Georgette in the garage before entering the home.

It is unclear if anything was taken from the home and if a weapon was recovered. The police released four pages from a 181-page report after a public information request was made by KTSM. The report gives minimal information about what officers observed that night.

Backdoor of the Kaufmann household / Courtesy of a KTSM 9 News viewer

The documents do reveal that Daniel Kaufmann, 47, stated he was shot inside of his home.

A viewer sent KTSM 9 News a picture of the Kaufmanns’ backdoor that shows what appear to be several bullet holes. It is unclear when they appeared during the incident, but may have been intended for Daniel.

The door has since been replaced.

Police have asked the public for help with the case, making it part of their Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week twice since the murder happened.

If caught, the suspect in the case faces an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and murder charge, according to a police report. Authorities are looking for a thinly built man between 5-foot-10-inches or 6-feet tall. He is also thought to be bald.

The El Paso Police Department says they will not comment on the case, citing that it is part of an ongoing investigation.

In addition, many have witnessed an El Paso County Constable Unit from Precinct 1 outside the Kaufmanns’ home.

Crime Stoppers of El Paso

The office of Constable Oscar Ugarte says a comment cannot be provided because it is part of an ongoing investigation. KTSM 9 News has also learned that the Texas Rangers were briefly involved in the case to assist the El Paso Police Department.

They have released similar information provided by EPPD and say they cannot comment.