58-year-old man dies a month after West El Paso accident

El Paso News

A 58-year-old man who was injured last month in a West El Paso crash, died on Sunday, police said.

Jose Gonzalez was one of four injured on Oct. 5 in a two-vehicle accident in the 200 block of Bartlett. However, he was the only one with serious injuries and he died this week, the El Paso Police Department said on Tuesday in a news release.

Gonzalez and the other three injured were riding in a 2014 Chevy Equinox that was going south on Bartlett when it collided with a 2017 Toyota Yaris that was going north and attempting to turn left onto Sunny Sands.

The Yaris was driven by Priscilla Arreola, 20, who was not injured. The Equinox was driven by Jose Gonzalez, Jr., the son of the man who died.

Both Jose Gonzalez and Jose Gonzalez, Jr., were taken to University Medical Center along with Vanessa Gonzalez, 35, and Maria De Luna, 66. 

The Special Traffic Investigator’s unit was told of the elder Jose Gonzalez’ death on Nov. 6.

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