The UTEP Miners will be sporting a new color scheme in the near future, according to Jeff Darby, the school’s senior associate athletic director.

According to Darby, a decision to change from a darkish, red-orange to a lighter orange was approved in 2000 because some of UTEP’s products were coming out too red.

Darby told NewsChannel 9, “In 2000, we made the discovery that our orange was showing up red in certain mediums and the decision was made to transition to a lighter shade of orange.”

He added, “What’s happened here is as our university has grown in size, stature and sophistication, you implement a style guide to make sure your university brand is protected.”

The style guide was implemented a few years ago but the changes can already be seen on items at the bookstore.  

Darby said the change was more of a “color correction” than a color change.

According to Darby, the football team will have new, lighter jerseys next season.

He said, “You’ll notice the change in the uniforms when we order them for the fall. And we will make adjustments as need on the playing field on the court and logo so forth as we can in the coming years.”

When asked if there was a cost associated with the color change, UTEP Executive Vice President Richard Adauto said, “We have been transitioning into the official University color since 2000. As we continue to work toward a cohesive image, we are careful with our resources and do not buy new materials until they need to be replaced.”

Meanwhile, students had mixed reactions when told about the change.

Jaqueline Sotomayor told KTSM, “I really like the orange that they’re changing it to. I agree that the other one was a little bit more red so I think it’s a nice transition.”

Tylder Herrera disagreed and said, “If the university was rebranding, it could have been more diverse. I don’t think too many people are going to notice. I didn’t know until you mentioned it.”