1922 bar to reopen as a restaurant on Friday

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — 1922, a bar located in Downtown El Paso, is meant to look and feel like a speakeasy.

The owner says it has been closed for six months, but has not been operating as an actual speakeasy.

“It’s kind of ironic about the speakeasy situation because we’re doing it correct,” said Justin Knoch, 1922 owner.

Knoch just opened the bar a little more than a year ago. Now, after being closed for six months, the bar will finally reopen on Friday.

“We were able to get our food and beverage permit and reopen, as a speakeasy that is serving food now as well. We were just cocktails only,” said Knoch.

Partnering with the restaurant next door, Knoch said he is relieved he went ahead and got the permit to open after hearing Texas Gov. Greg Abbot on Thursday say that bars must remain closed.

“It was getting tight, we were able to secure a couple of loans that they offered early but, yeah, if this would have gone on for another two or three months, we might have had to consider closing,” he explained.

He is grateful there was a way to reopen, but says it’s unfortunate that bars have had to be closed for so long.

“I believe we’re an exception with that rule, because we are an open restaurant-style atmosphere it’s a seated-to-be-served type of establishment, and we have the large private booths that you see here behind me,” said Knoch.

He added that even though Abbott said restaruants, which 1922 is considered to be now, can operate at 75 percent starting Monday, 1922 will only operate at 50 percent for now.

“We just would like to space it out, with the six-foot rulem as well we want to make sure everyone has ample space between each guest,” said Knoch.

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