100 Year Old El Paso Water Tank to be Demolished

El Paso News

For about 100 years the Jackson water storage tank in West-Central El Paso has served residents in Kern Place. The tank overlooking Downtown is even older than the El Paso skyline.

It’s now the end of an era for the storied water tank, as El Paso Water prepares to demolish the aging structure.

“It hung on for about as long as it could but it’s just time for a new tank,” El Paso Water Chief Tech Officer Gilbert Trejo said.

The tank was one of the oldest still in operation at El Paso Water. When it was first built it was one of the largest water sources in the area.

It held about three million gallons of drinkable water and served as a backup for droughts. Today the tank serves more than 200 homes.

KTSM was given exclusive access to the ongoing demolition efforts. Trejo said the tank will be replaced by a new, more advanced, water storage system.

“The tank is going to be better, the new pumping station, the new pumps are going to be better, overall this is a project that will increase reliability,” Trejo explained.

The replacement process is a $4.6 million project. There was already one water outage for nearby residents and Trejo said they expect more in the coming weeks. El Paso Water says they will notify the public before any future planned water outages.

The new tank is expected to be up and running by Summer 2019.

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