10 animals killed at Licon Dairy Farm overnight

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Several animals in the Licon Dairy Farm petting zoo were killed by loose dogs overnight, according to the owners.

The San Elizario farm posted about the incident Monday morning on its Facebook page.

The post said a total of 10 animals were killed, with several more injured. Among the dead were deer, sheep and swans.

“We have had these pets for over 10 years and we are devastated,” the Facebook post said. “We ask for help from our community to find the owners so the can be held liable.”

The animals were allegedly killed by a German Shepherd and black Pitbull mix that were coming from Glorietta and Quemada streets, the post said. 

Farm managers said the dogs dug under the fence to get into the petting zoo cages. According to Angel Licon, a farm manager, the dogs attacked and killed the swan the previous night and then returned Sunday night when they attacked the remaining animals.

This incident has prompted the owners to temporarily close the petting zoo, which is free to the public.

“We’re temporary closing for a few days while we clean up and kind of figure out what we’re going to do and we can replace the animals, but they were just part of the family so that’s what hurts a little bit more,” Licon said.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the San Elizario Marshal’s Office is investigating the attack.

Farm managers say they just want the owners to come forward to take responsibility for the damages and say this should serve as a warning to pet owners to watch their animals more closely. 

“We just want people to know that if they can just take care of their dogs a little bit more because it’s not even the dogs fault its the owners that should secure their pets a little bit more,” Licon said.

Managers say there are three injured animals seeking medical care from a veterinarian. 

Community memebers told KTSM they are saddened after learning about the attack. 

“It’s a shame this happened because this place is historic and the kids here have a great time with those animals so its a shame to lose those animals,” Socorro resident Jose Najera said in a Spanish interview. 

Meanwhile his wife, Agustina Najera, said people need to watch their dogs for the sake of the community.

“People who have pets need to be careful that they aren’t loose because just like how they attacked these animals they can attack kids and people too,” Agustina Najera said.

Licon said they plan to open the petting zoo within a few days after they clean up the damage and treat the injured animals.

Anyone with information on the dogs is asked to call Licon Dairy at 915-851-2705.

The post has received 870 shares and has more than 135 comments including mostly support from the El Paso-area community. 

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