EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A new study of 50 large U.S. cities shows that El Paso has the highest percentage of businesses that only accept cash.

The research provided by Secure Data concluded that 29-percent of businesses in El Paso still only accept cash, which is by far the largest percentage of any major U.S. city.

Wichita was second on the list at 24-percent followed by Arlington (Texas) at 22-percent. Those were the only cities in the country above the 20-percent mark.

The least cash-dependent cities in the U.S. are Denver and Atlanta, where 97-percent of businesses accept credit cards or some form of payment besides paper money. That could even include newer forms of payment such as Apple Pay or cryptocurrency.

Approximately 10-percent of businesses across the country are still cash only, meaning El Paso’s rate is almost triple the national average.

The study looked at approximately 200 to 225 businesses per city including restaurants, hair salons, gyms, bars, retail shopping stores, dry cleaners, and more places that comprise the “typical urban retail experience.”

The researchers also selected business that were highly rated on Yelp when conducting this study.