EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Gas prices are on the rise again and they’re setting a record. Two El Pasoans share their thoughts on the latest spike. 

Michael Payan lives on the west side of El Paso and drives a vehicle that needs premium gas but since his car is small and fuel efficient he says it doesn’t affect him too much.

“I don’t feel like it’s a lot, I feel like maybe it will be a lot for some people. I mean when you just get off. You know you put 20 to 30 bucks. Well, I get about half a tank, up three quarters. So I mean I feel that’s pretty good you know,” Payan said. 

While he says having a gas saver is cheaper, others are turning to apps to earn fuel points.  

“It’s crazy, I’ve gotten creative. I’ve been using different apps that offer little rebates here and there. Any which was to save some money,” Regina Bowmandaou said.

Even though Regina uses discounts through apps she still filled her empty tank and spent $58.80 for 13 gallons.   

Both locals say they don’t have any Memorial day plans but do know people will be spending lots of gas that weekend.

According to AAA, gas prices for regular unleaded in El Paso on May 17 went up to $4.21 from an average of a year ago which was $2.76. As for premium, it’s sitting at $4.81 compared to $3.36 last year.

AAA (May 17,2022)

One thing many El Pasoans have noticed, gas is slightly cheaper on the east side by 20 cents. Gas prices are impacted by many factors, from oil to profit, refining, distribution, taxes, supply and demand, even the Russia and Ukraine war.

“I put $60 hoping that that will cover it, and I’m already at $34 and I’m at 8 gallons,” Bowmandaou said.

According to Gas Buddy the cheapest price across town is $4.07 with the highest at $4.49.

If you’re trying to make plans for Memorial Day weekend head on over to the gas tracker here on KTSM and the find the cheapest prices across town.

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