EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – For those Borderland residents that have an interest in being a firefighter for El Paso, there is good news: they’re hiring. 

“There’s just a world of different things that you can do within the fire service.”

If you become a firefighter right when you turn 18, by the time you are 38, you will receive retirement pay as long as you complete the 20 years. 

“Which kind of makes us a little bit unique to PD, because you have to be 21 because of all the firearm stuff, but with us, you come straight out of high school at 18 years old.” 

Jay Nicholson is a Fire Suppression Technician (FST) Driver for the El Paso Fire Department, and he says becoming a firefighter has been a blessing.  

“When we are out on the trucks cruising or on our way to a call or on our way back from a call, whatever, people notice us because it lets them know we are out in the community for their benefit, for their safety,” Nicholson said. 

To join the fire academy, you have to have at least 24 college credits, an associate degree, or have served in the military for more than two years. 

“Very fortunately, we are actively hiring. So, The Academy is running like clockwork. It is usually going to be, I would say, about 90 days or so to get through the whole hiring process and then once you get through the application process, you will have to go through the candidate physical assessment test. You’ll have to go through your oral boards and other little things to get you started in the Academy.” 

To obtain a certification for the job, you can attend the El Paso Community College Fire Tech Program or volunteer at the Department of Horizon, Montana Vista, or West Valley.  

During your time in the academy, you can earn up to 48 thousand dollars a year, which varies within the city of El Paso. As for after graduation, it will be between $44,000 to $69,000.

Once you start attending the academy, they will cover all costs such as the application, EMT and firefighter certifications, and physical tests. Plus, there is a bonus of $1,000. 

To apply for the El Paso Fire Department, click here

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