EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A local band of talented musicians is ready to start showcasing their jams live again, along with creating new ones, to resonate with the community and beyond.

“We’re sort of used to working in different environments with different types of people, different instruments, different vocalists, so it’s kind of formed this Voltron thing. We just come together and everybody has their own specialty. We combine it all. Everyone brings their own spice to the plate,” said A.billi.free.

The band has found a way to fuse together sounds that complement each artist’s specialty. This group of musicians discovered one another in the El Paso music scene and built the band known as Ribo Ruckus, ABF.

“Somebody discovered Ralph the Ruckus because he’s a solo artist and plays around town,” A.billi.free said. “Eddie also came to see me at one of my shows because I’m also a solo artist and play around town, and he was like ‘I like what you’re doing. Come jam with us, check us out and see what you like.’ So I liked it and from there on, it was Ribo Ruckus, ABF.”

Members of the band say like many other artists, the pandemic affected their flow of performing at live concerts or even practicing.

“We released an album at the beginning of COVID 2020. It was like the end of March maybe and it kind of messed up any plans that we had for the rest of the year as it did to other artists. We weren’t able to tour, we weren’t able to go out, we weren’t able to rehearse or do anything,” said Raphael Delgado, aka “Ralph the Ruckus.”

However, that’s not stopping them from picking up where they left off. The band said they’re already working on a new album, where you can hear a mix of genres that combine effortlessly from each artist.

“I think it sounds great honestly. I love all the music that we make and everything is going great so far right now. We’re just trying to catch up where we left off, getting back to rehearsals and keep creating new jams,” Delgado shared.

Ribo Ruckus, ABF continue feeling the love and support from the community since day one, especially during tough times.

“It’s kind of hard going into the darkness and then coming back being like ‘Hey, we’re back.’ It’s been real great, everybody has been encouraging, they love us and it feels good to have the city behind us,” Delgado added.

The band said they feel excited to get back on stage and vibe with their audience again.

“We all kind of brighten, lighten up, and get really excited when there are people in the crowd and they’re feeling the jams,” A.billi.free said.

While working to get the show back on the road, these musicians want anyone chasing their dreams to know: “Be yourself. Keep doing it, keep hustling. Don’t listen to anybody else and don’t play for points. Play for the love of the game,” Delgado shared.

You can catch Ribo Ruckus, ABF performing their next show live at Mona Bar in Downtown El Paso on June 8.

To listen and support these artists, you can check out the band’s YouTube, Spotify, or Instagram at @riboruckus_abf.

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