EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Local producer Gabriel Armendariz, also known as “Gambol,” has been living out his dream ever since he discovered his passion for music.

“I started back in 1999. The raves inspired me and I said I have to make house music. I have to make techno. I just wanted to be part of it,” Armendariz shared.

By attending different shows, Armendariz fell in love with the sounds and energy so much so that he decided to create music of his own.

“DJ Rich inspired but I didn’t want to be a DJ. I wanted to make the music,” Armendariz said. “I think that was the definitive point in my life where I just married music basically. I just said this is it. This is what I’m going to do and I never turned back.”

The local producer started performing gigs in 2004 and also joined the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series, where he met many other aspiring artists. “That’s where I started meeting a lot of artists, singers, rappers and just musicians that were willing to collaborate and I started recording with everyone I had a chance to.”

The collaborative instinct in Armendariz has led him to work with many talented people in El Paso and help them climb the ladder of musical success.

“I gave a lot of people their start. I discovered a lot of artists and they’re still going — I appreciate that. I was part of manifesting that dream in a lot of people,” Armendariz said.

Nothing stopped him from creating new content, which is why he decided to build his own studio right outside his home. “I’m fortunate that I was always to turn my garage into a studio with pretty much the very bare minimum required to make music.”

Armendariz is a self-taught music producer and expressed that he’s been able to freely create content with no limitations or boundaries.

“You put an instrument in front of me and, if I don’t know how to use it, I’ll figure it out,” he said. “And I’ll have a song in 30 minutes fast. It doesn’t matter what it is. A musician is going to make music no matter what tools are given to them.”

As the music scene in El Paso continues to grow, Armendariz hopes more talent in the Borderland can get more exposure and he hopes to be a part of that too. “I want to see a whole new family of artists come to light and hopefully I can be able to help facilitate that in the future. I hope that one day I am revered for inspiring people. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Armendariz continues to encourage other creators to always level up their skills and not fall short of promises they make to themselves.

“Be your worst critic, but don’t stop,” Armendariz said. “Continue going and continue on your path. When you commit to something that’s it. You got to commit to it. There’s no quitting and there’s no ranking out.”

To listen to Gambol’s music, you can find all his platforms here.

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