EL PASO, Texas(KTSM)- A barber shop in downtown El Paso is giving kids an opportunity to boost their confidence for the first day of school and it’s all thanks to Danny Coleman.

Coleman grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi where his mentor Tony had a barber shop of his own. Coleman said he would watch Tony cut people’s hair until….

“To him giving me a pair of clippers and telling me just try whatever you mess up ill fix” said Coleman.

That was what got him to work hard for his goals to open a barber shop of his own but in his plans, he wanted to make his shop somewhere safe for everyone.

“So, I said what I’d do is imma open me a barber shop and I’m gonna make it like a house and that’s what I’ve done.”

Creating a home away from home was only the first step but Coleman wanted to do more and the opportunity presented himself when he found out one of his son’s friends was being bullied at school because of his hair and wanted to reach out to his parents.

“Gave them one of my cards and I told them make sure the parent call me so I can cut this kids hair because he was getting bullied over a haircut so that’s why I said this year imma make it different. I own a shop I’m going to make sure every child that can’t afford a haircut or the parents can’t afford a haircut I’m going to make sure each individual child is treated equally.”

That’s exactly what Coleman has done, only charging ten dollars to kids who come in to get a haircut from his shop and if the parents don’t have the money, he says the parents are not to worry and he will cut their hair for free. Many parents have thanked Coleman for making their kids look ready for school, but he says he wants to prepare them for the future. With the success he has right now he wants to push his shop forward and create something special in the borderland

“Instead of a regular shop just a normal shop I want mine to be family friendly and kid friendly so I’m really thinking about honestly changing my shop a first ever kids’ barbershop no adults all children.”

If you would like to reach out to Coleman about taking your kids to this barbershop you can find him on his Facebook page.

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