DEA Tip of the Week: Practical ways to decline a drug offer


The Drug Enforcement Administration El Paso Division is sharing some practical ways to “just say no” to drugs when it can be awkward or uncomfortable, especially if a teenager is at a party or hanging out with friends.

“The first is using your phone as a tool. Just say, “No, I’m good.” Then get really involved in your phone. Hopefully they won’t be too pushy. You can also just pretend you didn’t hear and walk away while using your phone. My son has perfected this strategy,” said Carlos Briano, the Public Information Officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration El Paso Division.

The DEA says another tip is telling the person offering you the drugs that you can’t because your employer may do a random drug test. Yes another strategy, is to say you’re headed home, or to work, or church, or a date, and you don’t want to look high.

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