Day after several semi-truck crashes, experts urge public to drive safely


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Three different crashes at different times on Interstate 10 on Monday involved semi-trailers. Because of this, experts in the commercial truck industry caution motorists to give space to truck drivers on the road in the event of an incident.

Sgt. Marc Couch with the Texas Department of Public Safety said many people drive in blind spots on the semi-trucks that can be dangerous.

“On the left side it could angle back towards the drivers side and passing on the right side is even more dangerous,” Couch said.

He added that drivers often cut off trucks and can tailgate them as well which lead to more collisions.

“So what will happen is it will build up and all of a sudden you’ll smash the back of a trailer there’s been numerous crashes that I have personal experience working fatality wrecks that stem strictly out of that,” Couch said.

Stephen Perez, a CDT instructor at Western Tech said they teach drivers to always be aware of other drivers on top of their own performance, especially as drivers often try to pass trucks on the road.

“When they see trucks the first thing they think is that a truck is going to slow them down so right away they want to get around that truck,” Perez said.

Drivers are encouraged to leave space in between themselves and trailers. Experts say the best thing is to leave space for one car per 10mph they are driving.

“So if you’re driving 60 mph, when you pass a truck you need to give 6 car lengths before you move over,” Couch said.

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