UPDATE 2: Bernard Christmann has been sentenced to life in prison with a $10,000 fine in the death of Juan Anzaldo.

UPDATE 1: Bernard Christmann has been found guilty of the Southwest employee Juan Anzaldo’s murder.

The jury made the verdict on Friday, September 1., 2023.

KTSM is working to gather more information and update the story.

Original story:

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The trial against Bernard Christmann continued on its third day, Wednesday, Aug. 30, where seven witnesses were called to the stand with two of Elaine Christmann’s coworkers who discredited her previous testimony.

First on the stand was Yamile Estrada, a coworker of Elaine Christmann at Southwest Airlines. Estrada said she was friends with Elaine Christmann and Anzaldo, but she never met Bernard Christmann as he would only take her to work.

When the prosecutions asked if Estrada knew why Bernard Christmann opted to drive his wife, she said yes, answering that Elaine Christmann was caught in an affair other than with Anzaldo.

Another coworker of Elaine Christmann, Luisa Munoz, took the stand after Estrada. Munoz confirmed she also knew about Elaine Christmann’s previous affairs, including one with a coworker from San Antonio, which made Elaine Christmann move back to El Paso from her job in San Antonio.

This contradicts Elaine Christmann’s testimony from Aug. 29, where she denied other affairs outside of Anzaldo and claimed not to know why she returned to El Paso.

Both Munoz and Estrada said they are no longer friends with Elaine Christmann.

Several investigators, including a DNA analyst, were also called to testify that afternoon. She confirmed on the stand that Anzaldo’s DNA was found in the 2002 Ford F-150 that belonged to the Christmann’s after being seized in a search warrant by investigators.

The DNA analyst was the state’s final witness in their case. They have now rested, and Christmann’s defense will begin their presentation on August 31.