EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – El Paso City Council voted 5-2 in favor of a resolution to urge state leaders to pass gun reform laws.

The resolution was placed on the agenda by City Representative Henry Rivera, District 7, and co-sponsored by City Representative Cassandra Hernandez in District 3, and Mayor Pro-Tempore and City Representative Peter Svarzbein from District 1.

It was placed in response to the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The resolution calls for urging Gov. Greg Abbott to call for a special legislative session to address gun violence. The item also calls for the Texas Legislature to pass legislation that will strengthen school safety measures, provide a dedicated funding source for mental health services, and adopt “common-sense” gun reform laws.

Some of the proposed changes include raising the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21, requiring universal background checks for all firearm sales, and implementing temporary red flag laws.  

After the August 3rd tragedy in our beautiful city, we were promised gun reform and instead we got permit-less carry. Today’s action sends a message to our state leaders that Texans deserve safer schools, adequately funded mental health programs and common-sense gun reform laws. I am grateful to Senator Cesar Blanco, Representative Claudia Ordaz-Perez and Representative Lina Ortega for voicing their support during the meeting today and to my colleagues who voted in favor of the resolution.

Henry Rivera, City Representative, District 7

Meanwhile, another resolution was placed on the agenda calling for increasing school safety, which failed to pass.

The resolution was authored by Representative Claudia Rodriguez, District 6.

It called for providing funding for specialized training for schools either through the School Marshal program or other existing programs already available to school districts to hire law enforcement or peace officers.

The resolution also included similar items to the one that passed, such as raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm and statewide funding for school safety.

“I don’t have time for the politics side of it this is about parents what are we doing to protect our kids so I’m going to keep fighting for the hardening of our schools,” Rodriguez said.

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