EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – While the next general El Paso election is months away, El Paso City Council made decisions Tuesday about the future of the ballot. The City Council held a special meeting that would finalize the language seen on future ballots.

Every two years, members of council are able to bring forward proposed amendments to the city charter. The amendments that were presented Tuesday will be brought up again on Jan. 31 for approval of final language.

There were other items on Tuesday’s agenda that were voted out including term limits for council members.

“We have in the past a couple of council members who have left in the middle of their term for a variety of reasons and that requires an election to come forward, the person who fills that position at this point in time is limited in terms of how long they can serve in office,” said Laura Cruz Acosta, spokesperson for the City of El Paso.

Council also voted out to have the mayor vote on all agenda items.

“The mayor’s position will keep at this point in time the charter language as it stands right now which includes tie breaking and veto power,” Cruz Acosta said.

There were members of the community who attended the special meeting. They were concerned about proposed ballot initiatives that would require city funding. They believe that it is unfair as it prevents further ballot initiatives from being implemented and discourages people from participating.

However, council did vote to improve the language which community member Miguel Escoto believes is a step in the right direction.

“It previously didn’t include anything about prohibiting ballot measures that will require city funds so that’s a step in the right direction but it should never have been on the ballot to begin with because again it discourages public participation,” Escoto said.

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