Cielo Vista Walmart store ready for new beginning


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – After 3 months of undergoing renovations following a mass shooting, the Walmart store at Cielo Vista opens to the public on Thursday (Nov. 14).

KTSM 9 News reporter Celina Quintana got a tour of the store.

She said the entrances now have automatic swing gates along with brand new concrete flooring, which was once previously tile.

Quintana also said customers will notice larger self-checkout sections and a new pharmacy.

Robert Evans, the manager of the Walmart store, said the whole building has undergone a new layout with the ceilings raised in the produce section.

“It makes me proud that I have such a great team that supported us through this journey to get to where we are today it hasn’t been easy,” said Evans.

He continued, “The associates and the way they work together in order to get to this point re-opening the facility has been just tremendous, so far to see our associates lean on each other support each other get through this healing process and how to move forward with the re-openings I think it’s really beneficial.”

Evans said associates have been back at work since mid-October and have since hired new team members to prepare for the opening.

He said he spoke to some shoppers at other local Walmart’s who said they were excited about the re-opening.

“I’ve been out at the stores while my associates were working at other locations and a lot of them are excited. They want to get back into going to their Walmart and think they’ll be pleased,” Evans said.

Some other associates have decided to stay at the stores they were transferred to, but Evans said everyone is ready and excited for a new beginning.

The store opens on Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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