EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – During the summer, photos of a severely malnourished dog in Chaparral, New Mexico, went viral on social media. Authorities were called, and the dog, Sunflower, was taken from that home along with another dog named Winne.

Authorities contacted Calista Animal Hospital in Las Cruces, who agreed to give them medical attention. Another dog, Charlie, was also surrendered for their care around the same time.

The dogs, especially Charlie and Sunflower, were on the brink of starvation, and the team worked quickly to get them the necessary treatment.

“Sunflower, for the most part, was healthy, so she was just looking at gaining weight, and then Charlie, after testing, had Ehrlichia, a bacteria in the bloodstream caused by flees,” said Calista Animal Hospital Manager Ashlee Valverde.

After several tests and medications prescribed to the dogs, they are on the course to a much healthier life. Unfortunately, severe animal cruelty is every day at Calista Hospital, and we are raising awareness of these situations.

They have a rescue fund that helps abandoned and abused animals receive necessary care.

“Whether donating towards them or donating towards babies that were hoping to take care of in the future, that account will be set up for moving forward. This is something we put in place for them to help,” said Valverde.

During the time they have spent in the hospital’s care, the dogs have been able to show the staff their personalities. Winnie was adopted by a staff member while Sunflower and Charlie are waiting for a clean bill of health.

The team at Calista that the dogs are good to go before they finally find their forever homes.

“Sunflower, she was very skittish. She didn’t have much human contact, so it’s taken a lot for her to open up to our staff, but she’s doing an excellent job, and she’s flourishing. For Charlie, with those medications, we’re trying to get some weight on him, too. He’s very sweet, though, so he won’t be hard to rehome. He’s ready for a family,” said Valverde.

Calista Animal Hospital is asking for donations for their rescue fund. If you wish to donate, call (575) 525-1000 or visit them at 1889 Calle De Ninos, Las Cruces, NM 88005.