EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Animal Services is advising all pet owners to keep their pets indoors and safe during the holiday celebrations.

The shelter warned about pets being scared and stressed during fireworks. During the celebration, there can be many unknown guests to your pet which can make them even more frightened.

In order to prevent your pet from running away EPAS advised not to take your pets to fireworks displays but instead leave them at home with closed windows and a TV or radio in the background to mask the noise.

They also advised to microchip your pet and keep a collar with an identification tag.

Take your pet outside on a leash before night time, when fireworks usually start, and keep them occupied with treats and activities.

If you have a new pet and do not know how they react to noise, make sure to stay with them.

El Paso Animal Services shelter is currently closed but it is still operating essential services. If you have lost your pet visit their website or call 915-212-8741.