EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A break in the road which created a hole on Yandell and Gateway South is still being repaired after a main water break burst under the pavement.

El Paso Water is still working to clear the surrounding area they were able to pull out the car that was pulled into the hole that is 15 feet deep, but what the company told is that there are many different factors that went into the main break.

According to Chief Operation Officer Gilbert Trejo, one of the reasons the water main pipe burst and caused the pavement to collapse was due to the age of the pipes themselves being over 70 years old.

“Back in the 50s into the 60s and that’s when this line was installed so yeah 70 years of service most of it still looks in good shape we’re still investigating. We have to run some tests to see what exactly caused the break but that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

Despite the break, no other surrounding areas were affected with loss of water but El Paso Water did get some calls initially about the pressure but were able to fix them quickly.

Depending on how close people are to the actual break we did get a call with loss of service we did not get a large amount of calls saying that just initially we did but it wasn’t anything widespread.”

While the Fire Department was able to save the woman in the car that was swept up by the caving pavement, EP Water officials of their turn around don’t drown initiative that not only applies to stormwater but breaks like these as well

“Whether its stormwater, whether it’s a broken main just turn around. We have the saying turn around don’t drown that holds true not only for stormwater but for rushing water when there’s a broken main.”

EP Water is still investigating exactly how the pipe burst but for now their main focus is to repair the road. They hope to have everything cleared up and paved by Saturday. They do have a larger project planned for next year to replace this segment but Saturday is the target day for the repair.

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