EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – KTSM is trying to figure out who is to blame for an apartment complex damaged by flood waters in west El Paso.

The owner of this apartment complex, Osama Azzam, says the city, El Paso Electric and his neighbors, are at fault for a problem that continues to happen every time we see heavy rainfall in the area like we did last week.

“To get involved to enforce the law to force them to do something because it became dangerous like the mountain is going to collapse.”

According to Azzam, for the past three years Posada del Rey Apartments have flooded due to the heavy rain and runoff causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages and countless hours of frustration, so much so that dozens of residents have decided or were forced to move out.

“The whole downstairs all of these and some of them moved out. I mean here yeah in some they moved out number 9 moved out number 10 number 8 they moved out because it was like full of mud and its unsafe to live here anyway.”

Azzam’s has filed a lawsuit that states between the storm and surface water runoff from the properties above his, and the lack of maintenance on the portion of the easement owned by EP Electric caused the damage to the apartment complex and further compromised the slope. What he wants to see is for El Paso Electric to take ownership since the complex has become a dangerous place to live.

“And it could hurt somebody here you can see it’s a mess this is a swimming pool for god’s sake and its full of mud and every year I have to deal with it every year.”

The issue at hand is the slope overlooking the apartment complex, the owners of that portion of the property and homeowners above the property. KTSM reached out to the city and the electric company to see who owns that easement, with the city responding saying that it is a split ownership between ep electric and the apartment complex.

KTSM is still waiting for a response from the electric company.

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