EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – On September 21st a status hearing was held for the case against 26-year-old Tristan Chilton. He is accused of murdering Tyler Croke back in 2017 and has not been tried since then.

During the hearing, judge Marcos Lizarraga granted the motion for a continuance to delay the trial once again. While both the state and the defense asked for the delay, it is still unclear when exactly this trial will take place.

The state did explain that they have a new lead prosecutor that will arrive in El Paso in early October. Based on that information alone, they claim that they will need about a month to catch up and say they will not be ready for trial until either late 2022 or early 2023.

In the defense’s claim, they say this is about the 4th or 5th prosecutor that has been assigned to try this case. Since they believe there is not stability within the DA’s office this new prosecutor will cause an even greater delay saying he would not be ready until summer 2023.

This has been a difficult time for Croke’s mother, Kjersten Croke especially after today’s hearing. She says she has been waiting five years for justice that has not yet come and that they never thought they would have to wait this long for a trial.

Croke says she was in previous communication with Assistant District Attorney Flores and a victim advocate. However, over the past year they have been unresponsive. Due to the lack of communication, multiple changes in the DA’s office, and and unsure if someone is experienced enough to handle capitol murder charges, she is losing faith about her son receiving the justice he deserves.

“I mean I could be wrong maybe there’s somebody in the DA’s office that handles that has experience handling capitol murder cases but at this current time I don’t have any faith in them whatsoever.”

After many years of no answers and three defendants still not being tried Croke explains that her experience is different than the families of the accused because she says they are still able to speak with them. All she wants now is closure.

“Ill never hear Tyler’s voice again. The next time I see him God willing is in heaven when we meet again. It is very unfair but we want to make sure that these 5 brutal murderers never walk the streets again and that’s what we want justice for my son.”

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