EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The region is benefitting from the arrival of a new neurosurgeon at Las Palmas Del Sol.

Dr. Harold K. Smith specialized in neuro-oncology and skull base surgery before moving to Lubbock, Texas for 25 years. He focused his specialty skills on general neurosurgery, tumor surgery, and vascular neurosurgery which is the treatment of blood vessel disorders.

Dr. Smith also brings with him vast experience using fluorescence guidance when treating brain tumors. The technique makes it easier to detect the difference between the tumor and normal tissue. It allows the surgeon to safely and effectively remove those brain tumors.

Having a physician with Dr. Smith’s experience in the borderland will help patients who normally would have to travel to places like Houston, San Antonio, or Phoenix for treatment.

The patients will be able to remain at home with their families and receive quality care, without the added stress of traveling.

Dr. Smith says he is also able to provide comprehensive care including spine surgery and treatment of certain congenital problems. Disc disorders are common and can cause severe pain but can be treated with a micro surgical operation to remove a disc that may be pinching a nerve.

Another common condition is myelopathy and relates to the spinal cord in the neck area. It happens when neckbone spurs form and start encroaching in the spinal canal putting pressure on the spinal cord. Over time if left untreated patients develop difficulty moving around.

Dr. Smith says people experiencing difficulty in buttoning their shirt buttons, or walking without pain should see their physician and get treated.

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