UPDATE: Dona Ana Sheriff’s department has lifted the “shelter in place” status for all GISD schools affected by the security measure.

All schools will resume their daily routine. There were no direct threats to any of the GISD campus affected by the “shelter in place.”


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Seven feeder schools and a district facility in the Gadsden High School feeder pattern area have been placed on “shelter in place” security status as a precaution by Dona Ana Sheriffs and Anthony, N.M. PD following a stabbing incident in Anthony, N.M. Monday morning.

The following school are observing the “shelter in place” status as a precaution due to the suspect in the incident apparently is not in police custody:

  • Gadsden High
  • Gadsden Elementary
  • Gadsden Middle,
  • Berino Elementary
  • Anthony Elementary
  • La Union
  • Desert Pride Academy
  • GISD Physical Plant.

A “shelter in place status” limits a schools activity to secured indoor locations only.

Gadsden ISD district support staff were also advised not to travel to those campus unless as part of the District security team.  

This is a developing news, and it will be updated with new information as it becomes available.