El Paso expert shares how to lose weight after the holidays


The season of eating tamales and menudo every day is coming to its end and we’ve all been there where the outcome is gaining a couple of extra pounds.

Cris Rodriguez, a certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, said calories are a good thing. They’re similar to a battery power.

Calories are needed on a daily basis to go through our daily activities, said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that the problem is when we go over a certain amount of calories.

“That’s when we start to pack on weight so if we could expend or use some of that power then we’ll stay under a certain caloric deficit it’s what it’s called or we’ll stay under weight or start achieving weight loss,” he said.

And if you gained a few extra pounds over the holidays, Rodriguez encourages you to go to the gym.

“If you do decide to come to the gym there’s plenty of cardio machines, there’s the stairs, there’s the elliptical… regardless of the limitation, you’re still able to come to the gym and do a little bit of something.”

However, if you’re not ready to be in the work out scene, you can slowly begin at home. Rodriguez said there’s plenty of body weight exercises that can be done at home with the use of your couch, chair, or table and use heavy objects in place of weights.

Squats, planks, and crunches are simple workouts that you can start to do 30 minutes to an hour a day.

“They’ll for sure, 100 percent, slowly but surely achieve their weight loss goal. And if they wanna kick it up and reach that goal faster, just putting in more time and more effort,” Rodriguez said.

Whatever style suits your needs, the key, according to Rodriguez, is to feed your soul and eat your favorite meals while practicing moderation and slowly but surely you’ll achieve your weight loss goal while developing healthy habits.

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