Vigil held outside Clint detention facility


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – About 20 people with a group known as “Citizen Presence” held signs and chanted outside of the Border Patrol detention facility in Clint, Texas.

The group was composed of people from across the country who came for the event.

The vigil came after reports of inadequate food and sanitation inside the facility that is holding migrant children.

People with the group said the migrants have the right to seek asylum in the United States and should not be detained in bad conditions.

Citizen Presence member Susannah Saunders organized the vigil.

“It’s something that we were so upset by,” Saunders explained. “All of this group has come from all over the 50 states to come here to keep an eye on this detention facility.”

Saunders told KTSM a bus drove into the facility and dropped off around 10 children.

“Even if you don’t agree with me, if they are here, we should be treating them like human beings,” she said.

Saunders says Citizens Presence will continue to go to other detention facilities until the conditions improve

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